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The Grass Is Always Greener With A Toro Push Mower.

Hello everybody and welcome to another blog post. Today, I will be bringing you a review of the Toro Recycler 22" SmartStow Self Propelled Mower. Whether you are a homeowner or a small lawn and landscape company, this mower will be a great investment for you!

We rely heavily on our Toro Recyclers- running them daily during the mowing season. We have had minimal issues with them and recommend this product to anyone needing to get a lawn mowed with little hassle. We picked this up at our local Home Depot, for just under $400. We loved the mower so much, that we later purchased an additional one to add to our fleet.

So, why should you purchase this mower? It's Simple:

1. Easy-Use

2. Little Maintenance Requirements

3. Storage Capabilities

4. Aesthetics- Lawn Stripes

Easy- Use

Easy- Use, Great Maneuverability, Starts In Less Than Two Pulls!

This Toro is excellent when it comes to use. It is extremely versatile: you can mow grass, mulch leaves, or bag grass clippings with little to no difficulty. The self-propelled option is also really helpful when mowing in the summer heat, allowing you to adjust the front wheel speed to your preferred walking pace.

How to operate:

*Before operating equipment, read the owner's manual and follow all safety precautions!

  1. Adjust mower deck to desired cutting height (the pull levers next to the wheels, refer to manual for indicated inch markings)

  2. Add the correct amount of gasoline (Octane 87+) and oil (18 oz. of SAE 30)

  3. Check that the air filter is clean (can be located on the left-hand side, in-front of gasoline canister)

  4. Be sure that the spark plug is connected

  5. Engage the blade control bar (pull the top bar towards the handle & hold)

  6. While holding the blade control bar, pull the recoil-start cord-- As you will find, it takes just one pull to get it started!

  7. Slowly pull up on the self-propelled drive bar as you walk (squeeze to desired walking speed), let go when pulling the mower in reverse or when turning around.

  8. When finished, slowly release the drive bar and blade control bar- This will shut the engine off completely.

Once you're done mowing, you are ready to maintain or cleanup the mower and then store it in your garage or shed.

Bagging Option- Collecting Grass Clippings & Mulching Leaves

Toro 22" Recycler With Optional Striping Kit Attatchment

Little Maintenance Requirements

With this mower there are little requirements to keep this mower running smoothly, though it is certainly a good idea to perform a yearly maintenance check.

  • Replace spark plug

  • Clean or replace air filter

  • No oil change required- Just add when needed!

  • Replace or sharpen blades

  • Wash down mower, clean out excess grass clippings from under the deck

  • Add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline when storing

SmartStow for convenient storage

Storage Capabilities

The SmartStow option from Toro is the reason we chose this mower in the first place and it has helped us tremendously!

All you have to do, to fold the handle, is pull down on the two small levers (towards the bottom) and fold the handle in. Once it is in the folding position, pull up on the levers to lock the handle in place. The same applies when unfolding the handle.

This feature is great for smaller storage spaces or when transporting the mower!

Striping adds an aesthetic value to a lawn and property!

Lawn Stripes Created With The Toro 22" Recycler

Aesthetics- Lawn Striping

Have you ever wondered how to get your lawn looking like the MLB fields? Well. this mower can be your solution! For optimal striping, it is best to have thick, healthy grass, but without full grass and no striping attachment, you can still achieve great stripes.

Overall, while using this push mower, we have been able to bring a fresh, professional look to our clients' lawns!

If you liked this mower and are interested in making a purchase or reading more on the product, click here. Thank you for reading our review and look out for our future posts!

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